Rupert Rixon – Longboarding Across America

Longboarding LA to NYC Film

In June 2015 Rupert Rixon and his friends ventured out to America for an epic trip, longboarding from LA to NYC in under 60 days, to help raise money for the Teenage Cancer Trust! Their whole trip was documented on camera with the aim to produce a feature length film. REKD was one of their many sponsors, and as we eagerly await the finished film, we are pleased to have caught up with Rupert about the trip.

Setting out on the big Longboarding across America trip

What inspired the whole idea of your project?

The idea came after finishing a theatrical film I had been working on and I wanted to do another large project but a documentary this time. The idea came to skateboard across the USA while I was pacing up and down my kitchen and that then of course naturally changed to Longboarding. 


From initial planning to flying out to America – how long roughly did that take?

It took 18 months to get the project off the ground, along with a failed kickstarter, a practice skate the length of Wales, thousands of meetings, and phone calls.

Who sponsored your project?

Mindless Longboards, REKD, Sick Chirpse, Awesome Merchandise and Alibi Health Drink


What were your most memorable moments from the trip?

There were so many memorable moments. One of them would be reaching Vegas, it was the first city we made it to from L.A and we were destroyed by the desert. Getting through that crazy heat, where we were having to drink 14 litres of water a day to stay hydrated was a huge release. 

Reaching Vegas!

Has the trip changed you (any of you) at all? 

Of course! I can only really speak for myself but it has made me feel a lot more comfortable with really pushing my own boundaries and a lot happier / more calm in myself. 


Which boards did you use?

The main board I used was the Mindless Nyoka, and David made it across on the Mindless Cayuga. Neither of us had to change out the deck, or trucks. 


Any advice for anyone wanting to do something as epic as your longboarding across America trip? 

Pitch your idea to as many family and friends as possible, everyone you meet tell them, and tell them you are going to do it. It helped me a lot, it put pressure on me to execute what I had set out to do, and people’s reactions good or bad drove me to work hard at it.

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Big thanks to Rupert Rixon and the whole team that worked so hard on the trip!


To keep up to date with the progress of the film and all the other projects Rupert and his team work on, please follow @nerf4hire


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