James Allen – In His Own Words

James Allen - Seaside

We caught up with team rider, James Allen, to find out a bit more about him and what he thinks about our REKD helmets, as well as skate protection in general.


So you’ve been longboarding for over 3 years now, have you always been into downhill?

I haven’t always been into downhill no, but I have always been into extreme sports. I’ve dabbled in BMX, Inline skating and Skateboarding, but being on a board always was my favourite, and then as soon as I got myself onto a longboard going downhill, I never stopped.


How did you get into downhill? Were there always good local spots to ride?

Well after moving from my hometown in Colchester, up to King’s Lynn, I managed to befriend a group of local skaters to ride with, a couple of these guys had longboards for cruising down hills and soon as they let me have a go and get rolling down a hill, I realised I had to get my own board because it was so much fun. Unfortunately where I live is very flat so we are limited to good hills to skate, we have maybe three local spots we skate regularly which are good fun, but every now and then we’ll have skate trips and travel further to ride different hills and skate with new friends.

James Allen - Slide

Have you always worn helmets and pads when riding and do you think protective wear is important?

Unfortunately not always, back when I used to ride shortboards I never knew the importance of protective gear, but in the downhill longboard scene everybody wears helmets and gloves at least, and so I started to wear them, and after that I realised it isn’t an inconvenience, it’s a necessity, and I need to keep myself safe, especially when doing extreme sports like this!



What do you think of the REKD helmet overall and how would you compare it to other helmets out there?

I think it’s a great helmet. Its comfortable, light, and looks good. It is definitely as good as other top branded helmets on the market, with great features and colour ways that make it stand out too.


You have been riding a REKD helmet for a while now, are you still impressed with the comfort and quality?

I am. The general feel and comfort make it a pleasure to wear and ride in, and the quality keeps me assured that I’m safe if I were to fall.

James Allen - REKD

Our large helmet weighs just 439g, and our smaller shell weighs just 432g. Do you think weight is important for helmets?

I think it’s a good thing to keep them light. It makes riding easier, not putting you off balance and throwing you out. I think this is more likely to give people who don’t wear one, more incentive to try it out.


Big thanks to James Allen for taking the time to talk to us and also a big thank you to Chris Drewery for the awesome photos!!

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