Knee Pads


Designed to feel like a second skin, our Pro Knee Gaskets have been engineered for superior comfort and quality. Featuring EVA memory foam padding combined with a breathable soft-feel Lycra sleeve, these knee gaskets mould and conform to the individual shape of your knees. The elasticated anti-slip silicone banding keeps the pads in place so you’re free to move exactly how you want, while the low profile padding design makes them feel nearly invisible under your clothes.


Finished in a sleek black colourway and available in sizes XS, S, M, L, XL



  • 3D Heat stamped branding and design
  • Sizes XS / S / M / L / XL


Tech Specs:

  • Breathable soft-feel Lycra sleeve
  • EVA memory foam padding
  • Elasticated anti-slip silicone banding on top
  • Elasticated double stitched hems
  • Comfort mesh material panel on rear


Size Guide:


XS: Top fit users up to 27-32cm around the knee

S: Top fit users up to 30-38cm around the knee

M: Top fit users up to 33-44cm around the knee

L: Top fit users up to 36-48cm around the knee

XL: Top fit users up to 39-52cm around the knee