REKD Knee Gaskets Review

REKD Knee Gaskets - Snowboarding

Lyndon Saul, a snowboarder from Lancaster, tested out our Knee Gaskets on his last boarding trip, and here’s what he had to say…

“I took the knee gasket pads out to France with me over the Christmas period and they were so much better than how I had imagined!

Lyndon Saul - REKD Knee Gasket Review

I don’t know if you’ve been snowboarding before, but a massive advantage of the pads is that lot of the time a boarder will sit on their knees on the mountain whilst strapped into their board. Because the pads aren’t hard, it makes resting 10 x more comfortable and cushion the knees.
Also, they’re quite slim so fit under salopettes without any issue!

Lyndon Saul - REKD Knee Gasket Review

I’d recommend these pads over any hard capped pads for snow as a lot of the time a fall can have a soft landing anyway, so with hard pads there’s a chance the outcome may be slightly worse than if you fell forward into snow anyhow – the gasket pads offer that little more comfort and safety when riding, without being too heavy or impeding movement.


I rate these highly, with emphasis on the comfort when resting!”


Thanks Lyndon. Great review there, and it goes to show that pads and gaskets can be used for a wide range of action sports. For more information, view our Impact knee gaskets page here.