NASS 2017 | Roxana Howlett

Roxana Howlett NASS

It’s always fantastic seeing young riders getting into action sports and we can’t believe how well this young lady in particular has been doing! Roxana Howlett is only a single digit and this year she took part in NASS for the first time. We are stoked that this awesome littler ripper wore a Rekd Elite Icon Semi Transparent helmet in the comp, and proud that the brand was represented by such a talented skateboarder!

Roxana Howlett NASS 2017

For someone’s first time at such a big comp, and with not a lot of years’ worth of skating under her belt, Roxana did incredibly well! In fact she placed 6th in the Women’s Park Finals!

Roxana Howlett NASS 2017

We can only imagine what she does next! Best of luck to Roxana for the future. We hope more youngsters follow in her footsteps!

Roxana is sponsored by Enuff Skateboards, and you can read an interview with her about her first NASS experience over on their official blog.